Find The Right Transport

ambulance#1: Ambulance Pickup

You may call for an ambulance pickup when you have a patient who must be taken to the hospital at once. Ambulances will take your patients to care facilities, nursing homes and to the hospital where a procedure must be completed. You will contact the ambulance driver for assistance, and they will dispatch to your location instantly. You must have a contract with a company that provides ambulance transport so that all your patients may be moved quickly from your office to another location.

#2: Shuttle Service

Shuttle services are helpful for patients who come from nursing homes or care facilities. The patients will get on the shuttle at a prescribed time every day, and they will be dropped off at your office. The patients may get back on the shuttle, and they will be taken home quickly. You may partner with other offices that need the same service, and there will be several patients on the shuttle who are traveling to offices in your area.

#3: Helicopter Transport

You may not need a helicopter often, but it is possible that a helicopter could save a life. You must have the number for the medical air transport company that will send the helicopter to you when it is needed. A helicopter may move quite quickly, and the helicopter may land at a hospital where trauma care is offered. A proper helicopter pilot may land on top of your building, in your parking lot or nearby to pick up a patient. These are extreme circumstances, but you must be prepared in the event that a helicopter ride is the only thing that will save a life.

#4: Set Up A Revolving Contract

air ambulanceSet up a revolving contract with the transport company, and ask them how they prefer to offer services. There are quite a few companies that offer such a service, and you must ensure that you have talked to the company about what their services entail, how much they cost and how they will be delivered. You need an immediate contact number for the transport company, and you must be on a first name basis with them before you make your first call.

Long distance medical transportation companies allow you to call for help when you need it the most. Your medical office does not have the resources to purchase vehicles and hire drivers, but you may hire a company that will do the work for you. Every type of transport is available under this arrangement.